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Tour Operator's Policy

At Ride Along GY “Think Globally, Ride Locally” is the mission of our business. We aim to do our part in reducing greenhouse emissions while promoting personal fitness and expanding knowledge. To achieve this we will use our services to provide each customer with a remarkable experience that provides incredible and lasting memories for their lifetime. Each customer is a gem to our company and as such, will be accorded every courtesy and assistance to ensure they enjoy their tour and service experience with Ride Along GY. Customers, in turn, are responsible for the proper use of all bikes and equipment to safeguard against personal injury and damage to equipment.

This policy outlines how Ride Along GY will conduct its day-to-day business and serve our customers. The information below are here to guide both staff and customers


Bicycle Rental

  1. Bicycles are rented on a 24-hour basis.

  2. All bookings for rental must be paid IN FULL, either via our website, or prior to the collection of bicycles.

Bicycles can be rented from a minimum of 24-hours to a maximum of 72-hours.

Arrangements can be made to have bicycles dropped off and picked up to guest, at an additional price.



Bookings and payments can be made on our website, Request for bookings can further be made through our email, or on our different social media platforms.

To uplift our bikes, guest should walk with a valid driver license, Passport or identification card, and their security deposit.


Security Deposits for Rental of Bicycles

A security deposit of $10,000 is required before rentals are picked up. A refund of 100% is applicable upon return of bicycles providing that:  

  1. Rentals should be returned in the same condition as received.

  2. All gears and bicycles must be returned.




Guest are required to inform us before they decide to take our bicycle(s) out of Georgetown.


Extension on Rentals

Should guest decide, during the 24-hours, they would like an extension on the rentals, immediate contact should be made to our representatives requesting same.


Damage or lose to/of Property

Guest are responsible for all equipment (bikes, gears, mats, etc.) in their possession. Any damages or loss of same, will result in the forfeit of cash deposit, to the extent of the damage.

Should you encounter any problems with our bicycle, (e.g., bicycles becoming disabled, punctured, etc.), our representative MUST be immediately contacted for assistance.  Further, there are designated repair shops to which our bicycles can be taken to be repaired, free of charge. Customers will be guided as is appropriate, by our Staff.  



Contact with staff

Our website and social media pages are accessible 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Operational hours are between 10am and 5pm, 7 days a week (including holidays).  Customers are welcomed to email us or leave messages on one of our online platforms. Ride Along GY commits to respond within one hour during our operating hours.

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