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Dispute And Resolution


 The purpose of the complaint procedure is to structure the process of handling complaints within the organization. Through this structure, complaints from customers (both internally and externally) should be received, recorded, treated and evaluated in such a way that:

• The customer is still satisfied as well as possible

• Repeating the complaint is prevented.

The Guest, (complainant) must submit this by email ( with a clear explanation about which they are not satisfied, within one (1) week after the complaint has arisen. 

Dissatisfied guest can also contact Guyana Tourism Authority and exercise any other legal rights.

 Method of handling a complaint

1. The Guest, (complainant) must submit this by email ( with a clear explanation about which they are not satisfied, within two (1) week after the complaint has arisen. If there is documentation regarding the complaint, it should also be included in copy by the customer (complainant. Only complaints submitted by email will be considered, for documentation purposes and future reference.

 2. The complaint will be entered into the complaint filing system.

 3. The recipient of the complaint will send a receipt and a time limit for the complaint (minimum 1 week, maximum 3 weeks). If required, further information will be obtained from the customer, or an appointment will be made to discuss the matter. After the recipient has collected sufficient information, a decision will be taken on the complaint after internal consultation. If possible and necessary, an appropriate solution is proposed to the customer (the complainant). If the customer (complainant) does not agree with the solution, an appointment will be made for clarification.

4. The recipient also fixes the solution in the complaint registration system. If the recipient is able to resolve the complaint or not, the customer (complainant) will be informed. The customer (complainant) will receive a response within the fixed time on the procedure / procedure regarding the settlement of the complaint.

5. The complaint is included in the complaint registration system, stating:

• complainant

• cause

• solution

• agree / not agree with customer

• date


 6. If the customer (complainant) has already submitted a complaint on the same subject (tours or bicycle rental) and a decision was already made, then this complaint will not be re-examined.

We require 24-hour notice for cancellation of booked and paid tours. Customers cancelling less than 24-hour notice will be required to pay 50% of our service charge. 

Ride Along GY is committed to providing excellent service in a timely manner. No-shows and cancellations have an impact on service quality; it also punishes the customers who actually shows up early. In order to better our services, Ride Along GY has put together the following policies:


NO-SHOWS- Guests that are no shows will not be able to have their monies refunded but will have the opportunity to re-book tours at a later, available date.

No Shows

Cancellation Plolicy

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